(What on earth does “I wanna die” mean?)



Someone once said that she wanted to do nothing. She hangs by the thread without any hope, eagerness, nor appetite, and just wants to die.



On the contrary, she has a house, a family, money to live, and a circle of friends. She is neither isolated nor alone. In addition, she has everything she needed to live.



But, why did she say she wanted to die?



 In my opinion, saying “I want to die” really means “I want to keep living. I don’t want to die, but I don’t know how to live happily.” With the omission of some words, we would say “I want to die”. Right?



About the person I was referring to, she just takes peace and happiness for granted. She has a family, a house and money to live. She is not poor, lonely, nor unlucky. One thing I understand is, she might have lost all hope or couldn’t get over from some troubles she experienced in the past.



Something must have been bothering her to the point that she forgot the appreciation of the things she has.



I don’t think she is wrong because we humans experience many difficulties and have different approaches on dealing with such.



What she has to do, I think, is (to) learn from her mistakes or failures, and use these learnings to bounce back.  Regretting them is also important, but regret doesn’t help us at all.



Learning is the most important key.




Even though people possess much money in this world, it doesn’t always translate to being mentally healthy. So, it’s still natural to regard life as really difficult.



Other people might contradict and think, “But, they’re so lavish, and everything can be accessible to them.”.  But these so-called “lavish” people have normalized lavish lifestyle. With this, they are not able to appreciate a good environment as it is their norm, so they see nothing worth appreciating about it. This may eventually bring about feelings of boredom, discontent, and the beginning of a miserable life.



In order to keep a life worth living, having little moments of happiness would be the key. Simple things like “I’ll go buy fried potatoes tomorrow for lunch” or “buying a single flower for myself tomorrow” makes life worth appreciating.



These tiny bits of happiness is a manifestation that many a little makes a miracle, and will help you get rid of all negative emotions such as, “I want to be demolished” or “I want to give up on life.” Sooner or later, they will eventually find a reason for living, and not just surviving.



・hangs by a thread:ギリギリの状態、危機一髪、大変な状態など


・to the point that: ~に至るほど

・bounce back:(ショックなことから)立ち直る、回復する