Title: What Should We Do When We Feel Depressed?


Have you ever experienced having the need to study for tomorrow’s exam, but didn’t feel like studying? Or needing to wash the dishes or do some chores, but your mind says you don’t want to?



Someone once said, the reason why these things happen to us is that our mind simply doesn’t want to. That is a mental issue; “Having reached our limit” and “having gone beyond our limit” can be considered as reasons as well.



For example, although we know in ourselves that we need to study, feeling that it’s way beyond our limit, or the subjects are too difficult for us, we’d start developing feelings of wanting to procrastinate.



Well, how can we get ourselves to do those things that our mind doesn’t want to do and how to make ourselves feel motivated again?  



The simple answer is to try to do a quick task that can clear our mind. Maybe our mind is too preoccupied with so many things, so doing some small tasks can offload our mind and bring back the motivation we need to do the things we’re supposed to do.



It is really best to try to find ways to declutter our minds and organize our thoughts and workspaces.



Here, if in spite of the things we do to keep going; whether to do something to refresh ourselves or do something good for a quick sense of accomplishment, we still can’t regain our motivation, we may need to try another method.



The bottom-line is, that no matter how unmotivated we feel towards the tasks we need to complete, we have to start doing them little by little without entertaining our depressed feelings.



Always remind ourselves that “Many a little makes a mickle.” Many a little, makes a breakthrough.



Small things add up to a big difference.




If I am feeling unmotivated, I will usually try to focus on the goal or what I will have achieved once my task is finished. Once my assignment is completed, I can spend the rest of my weekend relaxing and having fun.




・go beyond someone’s limit:~の限界を超える

※limit以外にも「go beyond my experience(私の経験を超える)」「go beyond my imagination(想像を超える)」「go beyond my understanding(理解を超える)」と言えるようです。

ちなみに、”be beyond me“は「分からない」という意味で使われます。

例)It is beyond me why he behaves like that.(彼がなぜそんな態度をとるのか分からない)










・ This condominium is way too expensive. 



・This condominium is way more expensive than the average one.



・Her making mistakes in her tasks are way too much, but they are way less than the other colleagues.



・She is way too beautiful.



・ I thought it is very near, but actually it is way too far from here



・offload【ɔ́flóud】他動詞: ~を軽減する、(積荷)を降ろすなど

・declutter 【diːˈklʌt̬.ɚ】他動詞:~を片付ける

・the bottom line:結論は、肝心な点は、要するに