In our lives, many of us have been through situations when we think something’s not right, but we still end up doing it. Things such as “I know it in my head, but I can’t stop gambling”, “I know he doesn’t love me anymore but..”, “I decided to start dieting, but I’ll eat this cake just for today” are some of the examples.



As to the reasons why humans tend to be vulnerable when it comes to things like gambling, smoking, hopeless romance, binge or uncontrolled shopping, and dieting in order to lose weight, these things can give us a moment of pleasure. This temporary ecstatic feeling or happiness is really addictive to us.



Even if we know that these things will do nothing but harm, we still are unable to control our urge to give in to such temptations. We usually tell ourselves, “This is going to be the last time, I’ll quit from tomorrow”, but it just ends up an endless cycle of regret.



If we really want to stop something we know is bad for us, such as vices, the most effective strategy is to take action. That’s all. No excuses, no exemptions.



For example, someone can’t help buying name-brand bags or clothes, so she has continued to be buried in debt. She knows this is wrong, but she can’t stop it as she just wants to show off. These luxury items are status symbols, and to compensate for the bad financial situation, she wants to show the world that she’s doing okay. If she really wants to change her bad way of life, she has to take the first leap, and make a strong decision to stop buying those things from now on, so she can eventually live a debt-free life.



If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you probably just lack determination.



Do you want to change your lifestyle? Then just stop it. No excuses.



You can’t stop it? Then stop grumbling, take the leap and take the action!






Ex: I’m a vulnerable person because I easily get hurt when I argue with someone.



Ex: She is vulnerable so she is easily influenced by someone.






【形容詞】:“I used to be a binge drinker”(私はかつて大酒飲みでした)

【動詞】:“ She binges on chocolate, so always eats too much”(彼女はチョコレートを食べ過ぎる。いつもたくさん食べているよ)


また、 “binge-watch”(一気に見る)もよく使われます。

例:I really like the American TV series “24”, so I binge-watched all its seasons.




・control an urge to ~:~したい衝動を抑える

・take the first leap:第一歩を踏み出す