Title: God Gives Us Trials We Should Overcome


We are bound to cross paths with different types of people as we go along with our lives. Some of them might bring positive changes in our lives while some might hurt us and bring a huge deal of stress; eventually putting an end to the relationship.



To tell the truth, there are definitely some antagonistic, villainous, and wicked people out there.



Relationships with such people may take away our precious time, possessions, good relationships, and other things we value. But, if we’ve already met them and the relationship is still ongoing, then we have no choice but to deal with the status quo.



Sometimes, it feels difficult to cut ties with these types of people. Perhaps that’s because it is written in our destiny to cross paths with them. The relationship seems to have a significant meaning and impact to our lives.



A wise man once said, “No matter how hard we try to evade these people, and even if we succeed sometimes, God will always send the next batch of annoying people to us.”



God does this as a kind of test to us.



He wants to test how we manage ourselves and the relationship with such difficult people. In order to pass this test, we have to learn how to cope and deal with difficult people and the pressure they bring us with grace.



This is a very difficult challenge and we might find ourselves in a tight spot at one point or another. There will be times when we are already at our wits end and still cannot find resolutions. Drowning in these troubles might cause us to stumble to our knees.



It’s inevitable for us to come across different human relationships, whether at school, workplaces or just around the neighborhood, and even at home, for as long as we live.



There are definitely some people whom we should run away from and cut all ties with as soon as possible. But, on the plus side, meeting various types people is essential for our personal growth.



Broken relationships can hold the key to our self-discovery. If we discover our shortcomings through these problems or find solutions by ourselves, God will help us to keep good distance from “bad” people. 



Meaning, we pass the test!




・be bound to:~する運命にある

・cross paths with~:(偶然)出会う

・put an end to~:  終止符を打つ、止める、終わらせるなど

・out there :世の中には





・the status quo: 現状

・a batch of:一塊の、一束の、一軍の、一組の

・cope with:対処する、対応する

・deal with:対処する、対応する

~「cope with」「deal with」の違い~

“cope with”は、困難なことを対処することですが、ほとんど対応しきれず(=成功していない)、まだその問題が継続中の場合、使います。


一方、” deal with”は、問題は終わっている状態で、解決したり行動に移すことを意味します。”handle”と言い換えられるようです。



I still don’t know how to cope with my relationships with people I detest. But, I know I have to handle this.



One day, I happened to find a solution, which is to stay away from them and avoid communicating, so I’ll deal with this problem gradually.


・pressure: 圧力をかける

・with grace:優雅に、凛として

・in a tight spot:切羽詰まって、窮地に陥って

・at one point or another=at one point:一時、ある時

・at our wits end:途方に暮れて、当惑して、困り果てて等

・stumble to our knees:よろめいて(つまづいて)膝をつく

・hold the key to~:~の鍵を握る