Title: How do you consider “Karma”?- Why our efforts don’t pay off?


In my random thoughts, I contemplated a few things such as “Even though I work very hard, it doesn’t always pay off.” or “She is a cold-shouldered individual, but how come she succeeded in her business?” Have you ever thought about the unfairness of this world?



Actually, I myself have far too many of these thoughts for my liking. The longer I live, the more I learn something throughout my life. One of them is, “what goes around comes around.” This means, that if we do something good, it will eventually pay off and we will be repaid with good fortune. On the other hand, if we do something bad, it will end up with negative results. This is known as “Karma”, a concept derived from Buddhism.



About karma, one thing that is uncertain is the “when”.



I think good behavior doesn’t always pay off immediately. So, I might not be able to get it within my lifetime. It’s possible that my good behavior will pay off in my descendant’s era. Likewise, my wrongdoings might also influence my descendants.



When I was young, I had been suffering from severe Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) for a few years. It was extremely painful and caused me great heartache and discomfort. Now, I think, this might have been a form of bad karma possibly one of my ancestors. On the other hand, I have been blessed with good opportunities in my career and relationships. These might have been the rewards I reap from my ancestors’ good behavior.



Of course, our lives are also based on a proverb that goes You reap what you sow, so if we do something wrong, we have to take full responsibility likewise if we do something good, we reap the benefits.



But truly there are also things that don’t pay off, or disingenuous, bad, and deceptive behaviors or crimes that are not always justified.



Quite honestly, there are some incidences which I can’t accept. For instance, cruel and barbaric crimes committed by inhumane individuals that are released on bail, another example; Governors who have spent a huge amount of our hard-earned tax in an unjust manner, some acquaintances who have disrupted my life related to money problems, etc. numerous cases exist in our world. And these things are completely out of our hands, so I am a big believer when it comes to the philosophy of karma.



In the long run throughout the ages, “Justice will always prevail and Evil will always fail” which equals a fair world.




・pay off:成果が出る、報われる等(=be rewarded)


・far too+形容詞:あまりにも~ 

※far too many:あまりにも多くの~

・What goes around comes around; 因果応報、自業自得、自分の行いはいずれ帰ってくる意味


・be blessed with:~に恵まれる




【諺:You reap what you sow(因果応報)から学ぶ】reapとharvestの違い | English & Chinese Lab (english-chinese-lab.com)




・release on bail:保釈になる