Today’s topic is about what you will do when you intend to marry someone whom your loved ones don’t approve of.



There are many different reasons as to why people may disagree with the marriage.



The most common reasons are as follows:



1.The potential husband is unemployed or has no clear direction of the future



2.Unpleasant appearance



3.The partner himself/herself is okay, but there are some issues involving his/her family members such as being buried in debt or having a criminal record



4. Accusations of robbing the cradle, for couple with a significantly huge age gap



Of course there is also a slim chance of someone disagreeing with the marriage because of jealousy.



Generally, why we disagree with someone’s marriage, especially our loved ones’ is due to logical reason, such as “putting ourselves in their shoes“, “what ifs” and “If I were you”. These feelings are based on experiences, especially those that prove that marriage don’t usually end up in a “happy ever after” given the circumstances above.



 But, I think, as long as the couple is willing to change and adapt to the circumstances, such as changing their attitude, way of living, they may be able to turn things around and change their fate positively.



It’s true that we don’t know what will happen in our lives. Even young people experience unexpected deaths such as incurable disease or an accident; some may be unemployed or go through financial downturns; or for some couples, what used to be a sweet and living relationship might turn into a violent, bitter and destructive one. These are illustrations that life is sometimes unexpected. It doesn’t always go with the way we expect it to be. But the key to living, is being able to adapt to these unexpected things.



If someone will go on getting married in spite of their loved ones’ warnings and disapprovals, as long as they will take all the responsibilities and risks of failures on their own, without having the need to rant to anybody how much they regret their decision, then no one will be opposed to the marriage.




・loved ones:親しい人、大切な人、とくに愛する家族の人を指しますが非常に親しい人や友人、恋人、ペットなどにも言えるようです。

・as to ~:”about”や”refering to”と同じ意味で、「~について」

・accusation of:~に対する非難

・rob the cradle:年の差婚などのように、自分よりかなり年下の人とつきあう、結婚する

rob the cradle“について:




My uncle, who is 70, robbed the cradle with a 30-year-old woman.



“there is a slight chance(ちょっとしたチャンスがある)”の類語をご紹介します。


・there is a little chance 

・there is a small chance

・put yourself in one’s shoes :~の人の立場になって考える

・turn things around :物事をすっかり変える、事態を好転させるなど

・rant【rǽnt】自動詞:(不満など) ぶちまける、文句を言う、怒鳴り散らすなど