Title: Someone Who Will Pay for It Immediately, and Someone Who Won’t.


There comes a time in our lives where we all make a mistake and we are left to face the consequences of these mistakes often in the form of a punishment given to us by a higher power. Most people who are punished have the ability to self-reflect and reform themselves. You can make huge mistakes or experience the biggest failures in your life but grow from these incidents and eventually live happily in the present and even in the future.



Conversely, there are also some people who have done extremely vicious things or committed multiple crimes, who unfortunately come out unscathed. These people appear to never receive a punishment and are living comfortably among us. Fraudulent things such as illegal receipt of livelihood protection, living an unfaithful life, and many more injustices are prevalent. But instead of these people suffering the consequences of their actions, they gain a lot of benefits and advantages. This can make onlookers become even more frustrated and disheartened.



It can even make us question whether we should live by morals and values. However good people know in their hearts that are morals make us the people we are. We follow these because it is what is right and not because we have an ulterior motive to gain something from it.



It is said that “Reap what you sow- you’ll have to pay for what you did someday.” This means that punishment informs us when we are wrong and gives us the chance to reflect. The ultimate goal of punishment is for us to change and live cleaner more fulfilling lives. For those that don’t waste the opportunity to evolve and learn from these mistakes waits a better and happier life.



Actually, good people can realize the theory of “Reap what you sow” when they received a small punishment immediately. So, in other words they may feel like “Oh, this is a punishment to me for what I did…”. Lessons can be learned from the smallest punishment if you are willing to accept the punishment without fighting or denying yourself the chance to be better.



On the other hand, bad people tend to not realize their indiscretions and turn things around unless it is a significantly huge punishment, something life-changing. So, it seems that they are lucky and gain huge profits at first glance. But actually, they are just left at large for a moment, whilst their mistakes and untoward acts are accumulating, eventually their bad decisions and indiscretions will reach a point worthy of a big punishment. So in the long run, they are not really getting away with their mistakes.



The more severe their bad behaviors are, such as committing a felony, or crime, the bigger the punishments are. So, I believe that God is watching over them, until the right time comes to teach them their lessons.



Our world is definitely based on “What goes around, comes around”, in other words, “karma”. So, we need not to curse anybody to a life of unhappiness or punishments.



Nature will take its course and give what they deserve in due time. Otherwise, if we taint ourselves and wish ill of them, it will just come right back to us. Do your best, and let the heavens do the rest.