英語のポイントは、「move mountains(山を動かす?)」の意味です。

Title: The Difference Between “Unlucky” And “Unhappy”


Today, I would like to talk about the difference between being unhappy and being unlucky from my point of view.



A simple illustration of “unlucky” is when we unwillingly meet and get entangled with bad or annoying people. Broader scenarios will affect more than one person, such as public transportations being cancelled due to a typhoon, natural disasters ravaging our once simple lives, or when one suffers from a serious illness despite living the healthiest lifestyle possible.



In the situations stated, I would feel unlucky, especially since these things are uncontrollable and influence our lives. These situations are beyond our control – we cannot influence the results or the outcome no matter what we do.



On the other hand, “unhappy” is associated with our heart and mindset.



Even though someone may have everything life has to offer, every need is met, and a circle of friends/family willing to move mountains just to help whenever asked, but they don’t feel appreciative or content in life, even blinded by unrealistic desires, then these people would think themselves as “unhappy.”



Unlucky circumstances can be turned around and changed when we find solutions and see the silver lining; these situations are ultimately a learning experience.



When we realize our shortcomings or find a way to wiggle ourselves out of a bad situation, then we have a chance to change our luck from “unlucky” to “lucky” and ultimately feel content.



Unhappy situations are also not permanent. We can also turn things around when we learn to feel satisfied and content with what we have in the here and now.



Never give up moving forward. Life itself is all a matter of perspective, and you will definitely be happy in no time when you learn to control your perspective.



Unhappiness is always looking at and dwelling on our negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, being mean, strong desires that lead to obsessions, etc. So, those who have these feelings are vulnerable and can easily fall prey to the demon known as “unhappiness”.



Even though you feel unlucky and unhappy with yourself, remember there’s a silver lining and a light at the end of the tunnel. How you feel and what you will do about it will influence your future.




move mountains






※I’ll move mountains for my children(子供のために最善を尽くす、なんでもする)



※I’ll move mountains for my company(わが社のために最善をつくす)