🌺二度あることは三度ある― (立ち直る?それとも無駄にする?)

Title: It Never Rains, It Pours: Can You Recover From It Or Will You Waste? 


When we make mistakes, each of us feels and reacts differently. Some people just shake it off, while others take it more seriously and may try to vow not to repeat the same mistakes again.



This reminds me of the Japanese sayings: “What happens twice will happen thrice,” and “three times’ a charm.” These sayings describe that making mistakes is inevitable to all humans. The former illustrates that if mistakes happen again, it is highly likely that it will still happen the third time. And, “Three time’s a charm” is used to say that two efforts at something have already failed but perhaps the third will be successful. So, when we make mistakes for the first and second time, there is hope that the third attempt will result differently, and that’s part of our humanity. It’s natural for everyone to make mistakes, me included.



Generally speaking, people make a lot of trivial mistakes in our day- to-day lives. Of course, simple mistakes don’t normally influence our life drastically. But, when these repeated mistakes accumulate, no matter how trivial, there is a power that starts to grow that causes people to feel disappointed towards us, and eventually people will lose trust in us.




Also, when people make a huge mistake or make wrong decisions, it will cause us to become deeply depressed…Sometimes, we keep mulling over the situation and why we did it. Or, just continuously regretting what we did.



We have to deal with these problems – investigate the root cause that may be leading us to feeling regret over our decisions, and figure out how to cope with the negative emotions that come along after a mistake is done.



In Buddhism, it is said that the past, present and future are all connected. In other words, “You reap what you sow.”



What we did in the past is the cause of our “now-present” situation, and what we do now in the present will become the result of our future.



The bottom line is, when we make a huge mistake in the past, the present reaction – how we consider ourselves and the decisions we make now – will create our future. If we blame someone or something for our current problem, our future will still be challenging.



There are many things we should learn through experience and accept these many strict lessons that come from experience in life. If we take responsibility for our problems and regard the reasons as the doing of our own actions, then we will change our behaviors and mindset – our future will be successful.




・Shake it off—:気にしない(=don’t worry about itと同じ使い方です)

— shake it offについて–




・I got a TOEIC score much lower than I expected and I couldn’t shake it off.




・Whenever I make mistakes in sending an e-mail, no matter how trivial it is, I could never shake it off.


・thrice:3回(= “three times ”と同じ意味です)

「One time」=once

「two times」=twice

「three times」=thrice です。


・root cause:根本的な原因、根本原因

・deal with:~に対応する、~を対処する



・cope with:(辛い感情を)受け止めるなど感情面で対応する

※精神的につらい状況を受け入れて、普通の生活が始まるよう立ち向かう、感情面での対応ですが、この場合、deal withと言い換えができます。