Title: Good preparation occupies 80% of our successes at work


No matter what our jobs are, “preparation” and “making arrangements” are really important. I have never had an experience in which things have gone well without the necessary preparation. If someone has experienced things that well without preparation, I am guessing it was just pot luck. It wasn’t down to his or her skill or working sense.



However, there are some people who succeed at their job, such as making and giving  a presentation or performance, with flying colors even without preparation or effort.



For me, this doesn’t mean that they just got lucky they succeeded. I think it’s more like they have gained enough knowledge and experience throughout the years of hard work, that they know these tasks like the back of their hand. So even if they didn’t prepare beforehand, they possess knowledge that serves as the preparation that is needed to accomplish a task.



A wise person once said that 80% of whether a job is successful or not will depend on whether we prepare for it and I strongly agree.



I have never seen people who were inefficient to succeed but they did end up disturbing others including myself to achieve their goal or task. And, these people don’t regret their mistakes, Instead, they resort to blaming others



By the way, here are some points why good preparations can be regarded as good work. Generally speaking, good businessmen can manage their time well and increase their sales, and this can be based on good preparation.



And they also work really effectively; they don’t waste their time or try to avoid useless tasks. What they may do is, “Prioritize tasks”, “Allocate time for main tasks”, “Manage their schedule”, and also “Prompt adjustment when irregular things happen” etc.



If you would contemplate your problems that don’t go well at work, try to consider how much preparation you normally do and try spending more time on preparation. There is something you will realize or learn through the process, which can lead you to success.




・be down to:(物事や事態が)~の結果である

・with flying colors:大成功で、見事に等

— with flying colorsについて —

“flying colours”の”colors”は、「色」ではなく、「国旗・軍旗」などのカラフルな「旗」の意味です。

※よく知られるのは”a flag(複数形:flags)”ですね。”colors(※複数形)”は特に国旗や軍旗等を指すようです。




・throughout: 〜を通してずっと、〜の間中

・know like the back of one’s hand:よく知っている

・beforehand 【bifɔ́rhæ̀nd】副詞:あらかじめ、事前に ※”in advance”と同じ意味です

・end up~ing:「結局は〜になる」「最終的には〜で終わる」 

・disturb 【distə́ːrb】他動詞:邪魔する、阻害する、妨げる(※具体的には、邪魔をして相手を困らせる)

・resort to:~に頼る、訴える(例:辞書に頼る、暴力に訴える)