Title: What should we do towards people whom we don’t like…?


Humans are bound to meet those whom we don’t like at all. It is inevitable to meet different characters, both good and bad. We can’t choose to meet only the good. But when we cross paths with annoying people, how we communicate or how we accept them, will change our lives and destiny.



Even in an environment where there are some whom we dislike, if we can be positive, we will be able to learn something or gain some experience from them.



For example, I’m prone to avoiding communication with people who always disagree with what others say. These people tend to be always trying to one-up others.



Learning from the theory of Buddhism, it’s better not to contradict each objection from the person. Otherwise, the negative emotions will continue to grow and get bigger and eventually worse and worse. So, the theory says that “no reaction but try to learn something from them” would be the best way to minimize our stress levels.



You know, whenever we are affected by these people, the likelihood of slipping of the tongue will increase due to the stressful arguments. So, in order to protect ourselves, we should learn how to ignore these negative feelings and stressful relationships.



Meaning, our attitude towards people will influence our personalities and characters. In addition, this will have an influence on our future lives.



To tell the truth, what we have now, such as experiences and skills, came from being in these situations.



Generally, what we want is decided by ourselves. Other people can’t decide for us.




Whenever I meet people who influence my life negatively, at first, I try to keep a good distance from them. If I dwell on all the negativity and stress associated with them, there will be no moving forward for me.



So, let’s try to be positive and think that meeting these negative people has a purpose.

It’s best to make the most out of the situation and turn it to a learning experience.





・cross path with someone/somebody: 誰かと出会う

・one-up someone:~にマウントをとる※誰かより「1つ」上にいる、という意味で、




・it’s best to ~: ~するのが最適[ベスト]だ、~するに越したことは無い

※日常的には「It’s best」と「the」を省略することも多いようです

・make the most out of 〜:~を最大限に活用する、~を存分に楽しむ、等